20 Coaches You Need to Follow on Social Media in 2020

Check out this list of go-to leaders of the strength, conditioning and performance world.

As 2019 winds down, it's a good time to reflect on the past 12 months to see how much you've changed.

365 days.

That seems like such a long time, but it goes by so quickly.


As 2019 winds down, it's a good time to reflect on the past 12 months to see how much you've changed.

365 days.

That seems like such a long time, but it goes by so quickly.

When I look back at 2019, I realize just how much I learned this year as a coach. The more I grow as a coach, the more I realize how much I don't know. I look at some things I was certain of in 2018, and now realize I've done a complete 180 on them.

A big part of learning comes with approaching each day with an open mind and a great attitude. If you fear "being wrong" or seeing change as a sign of weakness, you'll never unlock your true learning potential.

Below is a list of 20 coaches I personally learned a tremendous amount from in 2019. These aren't people I just follow on social media and passively consume info from. These are actual coaches, some you may have heard of, that I've connected with in some way or another, and truly learned from.

I'd suggest you give them a follow so 2020 can be your most educational year yet!

1. Jake Tuura

The Youngstown State strength and conditioning coach puts out incredible information about strength, isometrics, tendon health and jump training. Also, Jake's great at questioning "tradition" when it comes to sports performance and looking deeper into the "why" behind an exercise.

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2. Adam Menner

Coach Adam Menner does a great job putting out professional development content for coaches, as well as research-backed, basketball-specific training information. Definitely a key follow for all things coaching, especially in the basketball world.

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3. Matt Rhea and David Ballou

The sports performance braintrust for Indiana Football has created what I believe to be the most productive speed training program in the country. Earlier this year, Coach Matt and Coach David allowed me to shadow them for a day inside the IU weight room. These guys and their staff are breaking barriers in the industry with their dedication to data and precise application to S&C.

Follow Matt on Twitter, Follow David on Twitter

4. Sierra Nevels

The former Texas Longhorns S&C coach is now working on the private side of the industry, helping youth athletes master fundamentals and gain strength. Sierra's a great follow for real world application of training.

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5. Tommy John

Dr. Tommy John is teaching us the pure value of movement and how to apply intelligent movement to your lifestyle to not only get out of or avoid pain, but also increase your performance. You will ultimately be a healthy version of yourself with his concepts.

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6. Mitch Gill

Mitch is an athletic trainer and strength coach who does a great job at bridging the gap between those two professions. Follow him for awesome advice on training, rehab, return-to-play and more.

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7. Erica Suter

Erica is a former collegiate soccer player who now specializes in soccer strength and conditioning. She's doing great things at the youth level, especially for young female athletes, learning how to truly train for sport and life.

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8. Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson has a no-nonsense approach to training and is never shy to call out things that are a waste of an athlete's time. Follow him for not only great tips on training, but also top-notch memes.

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9. Dale Bartek

Dr. Bartek is doing great things in the realm of baseball preparation and beyond. I had the chance to get some treatment on an injury from him this year and learned a ton about not only baseball, but biomechanics for performance, as well.

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10. John Rusin

Dr. John Rusin is one of my long-time mentors in the industry. I believe he's elevated his game to an unbelievable level this year. If you're looking for the king of pain-free performance systems, Rusin is an essential follow.

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11. Leon Knight

Another great coach who bridges the gap between academia and experience is Leon Knight. As a DPT and CSCS, Knight puts out actionable advice that will help you help your athletes immensely. He also creates hilarious and accurate skits on IG that are highly relatable for coaches.

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12. Chris Korfist

I was lucky enough to host a Reflexive Performance Reset clinic led by Christ Korfist at my facility, and it was single-handedly the best continuing education event of my career. Chris isn't overly active on social media, but he's an open book. Calls, texts, emails, you name it. He will reply, he will share knowledge and he will open your eyes to a new world of training.

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13. Joel Seedman

Dr. Joel Seedman is known for his unique exercise variations, but at the core of his programs, he really relies on the simple basics of training and executes them with his clients flawlessly. He is one of the most educated coaches you'll come across, he's highly interactive, and he's willing to share info to help lead the industry forward.

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14. Lee Boyce

This year, Coach Lee Boyce documented his comeback from double quad tendon ruptures, which was motivational in itself. But Lee's also a go-to source for personal training info. Boyce produces so much valuable content on a wide variety of topics that you could use his Instagram as a coaching guide.

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15. Brett Bartholomew

If you want personal and professional development, regardless of industry, Brett Bartholomew is the man. A true leader in the industry, his content and resources will help you navigate not just training sessions, but your entire career. Brett is also highly social and easy to engage with.

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16. Alan Bishop

As the head S&C Coach for the University of Houston men's basketball team, coach Alan Bishop debunks longstanding training myths daily by getting really tall basketball players extremely strong and healthy. His training and nutrition posts are top-notch and straight to the point.

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17. Matthew Ibrahim

Coach Matt Ibrahim is not only a coach and DPT, but also an educator and professor. His content is extremely generous, as he's one of the most precise and consistent resources on the web. In addition to that, Matt is very social and eager to network with colleagues, which helps us all learn and grow together.

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18. Gina Bongiorno

Coach Gina Bongiorno is a personal trainer in Atlanta with one of the sickest facility setups you'll ever see. She's got an endless supply of equipment, and the creativity to match. A lot of corrective exercises nowadays are little more than fluff, but Gina offers a lot of truly great, useful info in this category.

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19. Zach Manolakes

Coach Zach Manolakes is one of the hardest workers I know. He travels from state to state to work with his clients and keep them in tip-top shape year-round. Zach is another coach with great basketball-specific work that's designed to meet the demands of the sport rather than mimic it.

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20. Eric Allen

Coach Eric Allen is my business partner and the director of our football program at PACE Fitness Academy. He earned his stripes on the field as an NCAA All-American and NFL Defensive Back, and now has passed the torch to the many young men who enter our gym with the intentions of playing defensive back at the next level. Follow "EA" for all things football, speed and athletic performance.

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Photo Credit: DrJohnRusin.com