WATCH: Cam Newton and Carson Palmer Combine for the Perfect NFC Championship Game Hype Video

Watch this NFC Championship Game hype video to see how Carson Palmer and Cam Newton prepared themselves for the biggest game of their lives.

Cam Newton vs. Carson Palmer. That's what the NFC Championship game will come down to, and that's what this hype video is all about. Long before these two Pro-Bowl QBs were pitted head-to-head for the NFC title, they were busting their butts behind the scenes last summer in their respective weight rooms and out on the turf. Their situations were completely different. Palmer was rehabbing his surgically repaired knee, and a healthy Newton was grinding each day to prove his doubters wrong, but their goal was the same. Win.

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Who will end up on top in this battle is unknown, but there's no doubt the game will be one of the NFL season's most exciting showdowns. The league's MVP will be squaring off against its likely Comeback Player of the Year.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock