Cam Newton Posts Message to Peyton Manning: 'You Are And Will Forever Be The Standard'

Cam Newton shows deep respect for Peyton Manning via social media on the day Manning announced his retirement from the NFL.

Cam Newton and Peyton Manning

When Peyton Manning took the field for Super Bowl 50, many suspected it would be his final game. Now it's official. The five-time NFL MVP officially announced his retirement today, drawing congratulations from players around the league—including Cam Newton, the quarterback he beat in Super Bowl 50.

There's no doubt that Newton felt sour after the Panthers lost to the Broncos, but he recognizes Manning as one of the best opponents he ever faced. The hashtag "1stpickGANG" refers to the fact that both Newton and Manning were first overall picks in the NFL Draft—albeit 13 years apart. Clearly, Newton and Manning are very different quarterbacks, but the 26-year old Cam sees the 39-year old Peyton as a role model.

The biggest reason both guys have had great careers to date? They work their butts off. Check out Newton's and Manning's routines right here:

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