4 Tips to Help You Dominate Your Fantasy Basketball League

Yahoo! fantasy basketball expert Andy Behrens offers four draft tips to help you jump-start your fantasy basketball season.

It's tempting to draft a guy like Carmelo Anthony with your first pick, because, as the New York Knicks' only option on offense, he's sure to put up a slew of points every night—and he gets to the free-throw line on a regular basis. But be cautious. Although Melo might fill up one or two categories for your team, the rest will be looking awfully bare.

"I'm always surprised to see Melo go ahead of someone like DeMarcus Cousins, who has a very high volume of rebounds," Behrens says.  "He gives you more than a steal per game, a block per game, etc. It's all there. Don't forgo any categories with your first two picks."


Fantasy Basketball Tips

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