Fixing Common Weaknesses in Lacrosse Players

Strengthen muscles commonly weak in lacrosse players with this 5-exercise routine from Duke strength coach Carl Christensen.

When you're on the lacrosse field, you consistently perform the same types of movements and skills. You run through plays over and over again, both go-to attacking and defensive moves. And that's great. Consistency is key to success. But when it comes to your body, doing things repeatedly can be problematic. Muscles you frequently use will be strong, but those that go unused will be weak. The same can be said for your activity in the weight room. If you only do your favorite exercises because you're good at them, you'll leave some important muscle groups untrained.

According to Carl Christensen, strength coach for Duke men's lacrosse and Performance Advisor for BridgeLacrosse, lacrosse players are often weak in their lateral hip muscles and posterior chain (i.e., glutes, hamstrings and back).

"This can cause a number of different issues, particularly the potential for injury," he says. "For example, when we have players who are underdeveloped in the hips, we are looking at hamstring, groin and soft-tissue injuries."


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock