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New Phone, Who Dat?

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New Phone, Who Dat?

Michael Thomas with the 72-yard TD and then pulls out a flip

— NFL Stats (@NFL_Stats) November 5, 2018


In a battle of two NFC titans, Michael Thomas swept the leg with this late touchdown.

But it's the celebration, not the catch, that you really need to see.

In a tribute to Joe Horn's famous celebration from 15 years earlier, Thomas pulled out a flip phone from underneath the goalpost padding and mimed making a call.

When Horn did the same as a member of the New Orleans Saints in 2003, he instantly cemented his legacy alongside Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson as a TD celebration legend. He also earned a $30,000 fine from the NFL.

Thomas reportedly put a cell phone underneath both goalposts so he'd have the chance to celebrate no matter which end zone he reached.

But it begs a bigger question—where the heck does a guy get a flip phone in 2018?

"I don't even know, where do you get a flip phone this day and age? Is that a Walgreens plug? A Walmart plug? I'm looking forward to where he got that from. Cricket? Boost Mobile?" Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan told ESPN after the game.

Thomas finished the game with a whopping 12 receptions for 211 yards and a touchdown.

Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

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