The Shadowman: The Safest and Smartest Way to Practice Tackling

The Shadowman tackling system helps football players refine their tackling technique with significantly less risk of injury.

In football, poor tackling form causes countless serious injuries every single year. The only way to improve tackling technique is to perform hundreds of reps the right way, but when 57 percent of all concussions occur during practice, the solution does not involve two able-bodied players colliding over and over again. That's where the Shadowman comes in.

Developed by Shadowman Sports, the Shadowman tackling system is a dynamic piece of equipment that allows players to practice tackling at game speed without the risk of injury inherent in player-to-player contact. USA Football, the national governing body of amateur football in the United States, has teamed up with Shadowman Sports and will be using the Shadowman in their camps, practices and events to help young players learn how to tackle in a safe, effective manner.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock