Trae Young Added 15 Pounds of Muscle by Drinking Five Protein Shakes a Day

At 6-foot-1, Young knew he had to get stronger.

During his freshman year at Oklahoma, Trae Young, who some think is the second coming of Steph Curry, weighed just 170 pounds soaking yet. Standing just over 6-foot-1, Young knew he needed to add some strength to his frame if he had any chance of surviving the increased physicality of the NBA. So he did, by drinking an absurd number of protein shakes.

Working out in L.A. with trainer Travelle Gaines ahead of the NBA Combine, Young would throw back five protein shakes a day as he eventually added 15 pounds of lean muscle, per an interview he did with GQ. Here's what that type of eating schedule looked like:

"I would wake up and eat something very light before beginning my first workout—a banana or an orange," Young said. "I would have my first shake. After the workout, I would have my second shake and then go eat breakfast. I would then head back home and get some rest before my lift at 2 p.m. Lunch was, like, Chipotle and another shake. Then I would lift or get in some skill work, and come back and eat and have another shake. Dinner was after my last workout of the day. I would have a final shake before I went to bed."

Whew, that's a lot of protein. Young also told GQ he's had to cut chicken strips and pizza out of his diet, since he was eating them every single day, and that's helped his lower his body fat percentage. Once he hits his desired weight, though, Young might never drink a protein shake again.