Ryan Horton

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Ryan Horton

Ryan Horton is the co-owner of PRSportsPerformance.com and the director of strength and conditioning at Elkin Sports Performance (Richmond, Va.) He earned his Bachelor's degree in Health and Fitness Promotion at Otterbein College, and he is Strength and Conditioning Coach-Certified (SCCC) through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCCA).

Horton oversees training programs for both youth and professional athletes. Two players from his first NFL Combine class made it to NFL camps, and he has helped numerous athletes earn collegiate scholarships to over 25 schools.

Prior to joining ESP, Horton was the assistant coordinator for strength and conditioning for Florida International University's football team and the head strength and conditioning coach for the track & field, women’s volleyball and women’s basketball teams. He also spent time at the University of Tennessee, where he worked with the football and men’s tennis teams.

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